Adventures with Divot & Swish Promotes Positive Impact of Sports

 Adventures with Divot & Swish Promotes Positive Impact of Sports

Your children can travel the globe, meet new people, learn about various cultures, and experience exciting adventures with Divot and Swish, the relatable stars of the new children’s book series, Adventures with Divot & Swish.


Divot is a golf-loving character who appreciates meeting new people from different places and cultures. Her friend Swish is a basketball fanatic who is a little shy, but always loves trying other sports and activities. In each adventure, the duo meets a new friend who introduces them to a sport they’ve never played before, and they experience the many emotions that accompany the conquering of these challenges. Through support and encouragement from their friend, Divot and Swish are able to gain valuable skills and develop “superpowers” through playing sports.


“With all of the negativity in our world, Divot and Swish bring positivity, an openness to learning, and a fresh look at the opportunity to use sport and physical activity to help make the world a better place,” says author Beth Brown, Ph.D., who is passionate about positive youth development through sport.


The first in the series, Adventures with Divot & Swish in Costa Rica, takes readers to the tropics where the duo meets Sammy the Surfer, who takes them through the lush jungle to a beach-side town where he’ll teach them how to surf. Like many children would be, Divot and Swish are nervous about surfing and afraid of what could happen if they fall off their surfboards. They follow Sammy’s lead and work to learn how to stand, balance, and paddle.


Apprehensive and unsure of their abilities, Divot and Swish watch Sammy take on the waves before trying it themselves. Will they find their superpower of courage so they can have an incredible adventure surfing with the fish?


While the series is written primarily for elementary school-aged children from 5 to 11, kids of all ages will identify with the inspirational characters, appreciate the fun-filled adventures, and enjoy learning about new places and activities. The series also gives parents, caregivers and educators an opportunity to intentionally and positively impact the young people in their lives through sharing the stories of Divot and Swish.


Author Beth Brown, Ph.D., is a life-long educator on a mission to inspire families and kids to have fun, become more active and learn life lessons through sports in her children’s book series Adventures with Divot & Swish. After picking up a basketball at age 2 and swinging her first golf club at age 8, Beth was hooked on sports. Her youth sport participation paved the way for her collegiate success as a member of the University of Oklahoma basketball and conference champion women’s golf teams.


As her love for sports continued, she realized the unique opportunity sport has to impact not only physical abilities, but life skill development as well. Since earning her Ph.D. in sports psychology at the University of Kansas, Beth has gone on to influence and impact thousands through her roles as a golf coach, an educational program developer at The First Tee and LPGA-USGA Girls Golf, and founder and owner of the consulting agency, Team Aureus.


When she isn’t writing the next adventure for Divot and Swish, Beth enjoys cheering on her beloved Sooners, riding her bike, and spending time with family, friends and puppy Truman. She lives in Norman, Oklahoma.


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Adventures with Divot & Swish in Costa Rica

Publisher: Divot & Swish Publishing

Release Date: January 2021

ISBN-10: 1735170003

ISBN-13: 978-1735170008

Available from, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold

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