Happy National Popcorn Day with Birthday Cake on Top

If you love Popcorn I have the sweeties invitation for you from my friends @LifePopped and @PopiliciousPopcorn 

Can you imagine celebrating your birthday and your favorite snack food all in one week?

I plan all year for January 19th and 20th and I’d love to invite you to my virtual party. We have lots of giveaways, Facebook Lives and Instagram and Twitter contests planned and of course discounts on Popilicious Popcorn!

The party starts today with the first of our Popilicous Popcorn giveaways and discount codes. Follow me @LifePopped and @PopiliciousPopcorn on Instagram for a chance to win Valentine’s Day Popcorn Cakes. Every day is a new chance to win. We are giving multiple prizes away every day from January 16th to January 24th!

If you don’t win, we are still rewarding you with a 25% off code for all @PopiliciousPopcorn popcorn cakes and treats. Use code ILOVEPOPCORN to pre-order your Super Bowl or Valentine’s Day popcorn or any of the delicious popcorn from Popilicious Popcorn.

We're going to party like it's 2021! Since we are all used to virtual events, MomSelect is going to throw not just one, but two Virtual Parties this week!

Tuesday, January 19th:

National Popcorn Day

Join us on the MomSelect Facebook page at 3pm EST for a Popcorn Lunch Live, hosted by me, Maria Bailey. We’ll be talking popcorn trivia and giving away lots of popcorn, popcorn poppers and more!

Wednesday, January 20th:

My Birthday

Sure, you could watch the Inaugration or you could celebrate my birthday with me. I’ll be on the MomSelect Facebook page live at 9pm EST with birthday laughs, prizes and of course, popcorn. I hope you can join me!

Want a chance to win a Popilicious Popcorn Cake? Tweet the Popilicious Popcorn Discount ILOVEPOPCORN and share the 25% discount on all Popilicious Popcorn Cakes with your followers. Just tweet the image below with a link to PopiliciousPopcorn.com. Every day we will selected 3 winners who will receive a Valentine's Popilicious Popcorn Cake. New winners every day from January 16-24, so tweet each day for a daily chance to win.  

This week is POPPING with great fun and lots of delicious popcorn. I hope you will join me for the big celebration!


Maria Bailey


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