SIX RINGS Book Trilogy launches 2nd Volume: Understanding brain wellness & how to maintain it - Neuroscientist Dr. Bankole Johnson

  SIX RINGS, by Dr. Bankole Johnson. Talks about Addiction, Mental Health, Nutrition, Optimal Health, Brain Health, Covid, etc. All through the eye/words of the books dashing heroine, Bastian.

What can an addiction expert teach us about the intricacies of the brain and how to maintain it in optimum health?

  • Dr. Bankole Johnson (M.D., DSc.) is a world-renowned expert on brain health and mind-body wellness. His new trilogy of books, "Six Rings," is an attempt to bridge the gap between an educated lay and professional audience in the understanding of brain wellness, and provides insights on this complex topic through compelling narratives and storytelling.
  • Throughout "Six Rings," Johnson takes the concepts used in the treatment of addiction and applies them to self-improvement in ways that can be utilized by anyone interested in optimizing their overall wellbeing. Two of the "Six Rings" books have been released on Amazon.

Brain Wellness and Addiction Expert Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson’s “Six Rings” Book 3 Available Now on Amazon


Brain wellness and addiction expert Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson has released a second book from his “Six Rings” series, entitled “Volume III: Awareness, Reactivity, and Evaluate.” The series is interested in analyzing the complexities of the brain, and how to maintain it in optimum health through compelling narratives that are as engaging as they are educational. 

Volume III: Awareness, Reactivity, and Evaluate” is set in the summer of 2020, in which the United States is gripped by a novel COVID-19 viral pandemic, which does not seem to be abating. Meanwhile, another health crisis lurks below the surface, about to burst. A general level of depression has seeped through the country, and for some, a depressive or other mental health disorder has been triggered, and alcohol consumption is on the rise. The protagonist, Dr. Bastian Jackson, is in Miami and organizing his new clinic, preparing for what he anticipates will become a mental health and substance use crisis, brought about by the social isolation and fear promulgated by the viral pandemic.

Related to understanding of brain wellness, this third book augments what was learned in the first book by showing how our thoughts and feelings at given times are related to our behaviors and prevailing mental state. It also offers knowledge on related sexual disorders that often complicate or are often ignored as a progenitor or consequence of the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Indeed, it draws on some lessons in the first book for making adjustments to a person’s chemical and hormonal balance to optimize performance.

Throughout “Six Rings,” illustrations, paintings, and music are used to set the tone for each chapter, and to inject mood and atmosphere into the allegorical stories. “Volume III: Awareness, Reactivity, and Evaluate” is available in a limited-edition, full-color paperback version, and can be purchased on Amazon. Kindle and audiobook forms, in both English and Spanish, are also available. For more information, visit

About Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson:

Bankole A. Johnson (DSc., M.D.) is a licensed physician and board-certified psychiatrist in the United States. He is a leading neuroscientist with expertise in brain wellness and performance. With clinical expertise in the fields of addiction, forensics, and disability assessment, he is a global authority in psychiatry, pharmacology, curbing addictions and personalized medicine. He holds several U.S. and international patents in pharmacogenetics. Presently, Johnson is the Founder, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Privée Clinics, based in Miami, and the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc., 1 a NASDAQ-listed company. He also functions as a Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Larkin University in Miami. 


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