Former Walt Disney World actor launches podcast to help nonprofits and entrepreneurs


Former Walt Disney World actor launches podcast to help nonprofits and entrepreneurs

StoryMaven podcast shares storytelling tips through 

interviews and insights


Former Walt Disney World entertainer Alice Fairfax launched the StoryMaven podcast this fall to help nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs better tell their stories. By offering storytelling tools and behind-the-scenes secrets Fairfax, once an improvisational storyteller at the theme parks, helps business leaders who need to tell their stories daily in everything from a Tweet to a TED Talk.  

With the layoffs of some 32,000 Disney cast members the message took on added importance. “Professionals that haven’t thought about how to pitch themselves are stepping into a world of online promotions with their side hustles, new businesses, and resumes,” said Alice Fairfax creator and host of the StoryMaven podcast. “It’s important to me that they have the tools to tell their story and get noticed.” 

Fairfax has been leading live storytelling workshops for the past ten years, including as the story coach for Central Florida nonprofit booster the Victory Cup Initiative. For the Victory Cup Initiative, a competition that offers up to $20,000 for the first place winner, she trained over thirty nonprofit leaders to create and present their elevator pitch for audience votes. With the pandemic, Fairfax is finding ways to take her storytelling training online, starting with the StoryMaven podcast. 

About Alice Fairfax 

Alice Fairfax was an improvisational entertainer at Walt Disney World for over 20 years, including being ‘friends’ with one iconic character. (Hint: she owns a magic wand and turns pumpkins into vehicles.) Fairfax holds a certificate in Creativity & Innovation from the Walt Disney Company and Harvard Business School Publishing and a Liberal Arts Degree from Rollins College. A speaker and published author, she is also a publicist for Broadway tours and created over 30 campaigns including for Hamilton and Les Misérables

She developed the Tell Your Story workshops and StoryMaven podcast to give nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs tools to help them increase engagement through the use of stories in their social media, marketing, and speeches. Her digital courses can be accessed at



Instagram: @alicefairfax

Facebook: @Tellyourstoryworkshops

StoryMaven podcast episodes are a mix of Fairfax’s insights and interviews with experts in writing and audience engagement. Some of her guests include Emmy-award winning warm-up host Mark Daniel, the screenwriter of Smallfoot and Blended Clare Sera, Kid Save the World network founders and the creators of ‘The Super Secret Hive’ podcast Mike Dombrow and Julie Frost, and civil rights activist Dr. LaVon Bracy. 

The StoryMaven podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts and wherever you get your podcasts. For more information and free resources visit

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